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How Spa Services Enhance the Dental Care Experience

Posted by Dr. Aimee Russo-Mounger on Fri, Oct 13, 2017

Beautiful woman at the spa lying on a bed for a massage.jpegWhen many people think of a traditional dental visit, unpleasant images may come to mind. Thoughts of uncomfortable chairs, tooth pain, anxiety and the unruly sound of drills in the background may deter you from picking up your phone and scheduling a much-needed dental appointment. But, imagine an appointment in which you arrive to a robe, blanket, headphones for your personal TV, and warm neck wrap waiting for you! It may sound like a spa dream, but we’re here to tell you, it can be your dental reality.


Why Combine Spa Services with Dental?


At the Smile Spa, we are committed to transforming your dental experience into a relaxing, soothing, stress free spa experience.  And best of all it is all COMPLIMENTARY ! We take a holistic approach when it comes to health and beauty, and our goal is to help you be your best self by offering multiple spa services while taking care of  all your dental needs with all the highest technology available. Our patients enjoy amenities such as herbal eye masks, warm neck wraps, robes and or blankets, headphones for TV’s or radio/phone, herbal aroma’s to mask the scents and a variety of sedation options to calm your nerves even more. By mixing dental and spa services into one appointment, patients escape their responsibilities and take time to relax while also keeping up with dental health. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! 


Which Spa Services can your Dentist Provide?


The Smile Spa offers an array of cosmetic services, such as Botox or Dysport, Restylane fillers for lips, smile lines and other fine lines on the face.  Each of which has many benefits, both health and beauty related and enhance a beautiful smile! The combination of these treatments in a dental office is convenient, holistic, and safe. Botox and Dysport  is most commonly known for its ability to take years off of your appearance, but is also useful for taming involuntary face twitches and pain caused by TMJD. It can also decrease migraine headache pain.  This tie between the dental and cosmetic functions of Botox and Dysport illustrates the beneficial collaboration of both spa treatments and dental services in one location. 


The Smile Spa also partners with Kelly’s Laser Aesthetics, allowing us to greatly expand our service offerings. Patients can choose from a list of many types of  top of the line laser treatments and other great services such as micro-needling, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and extractions. These services blend with Dr. Russo’s goal of aiding patients in achieving their best  health, and beauty.


Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes beauty. We have notions about what we want to look like, or who we aspire to be, and these notions can dictate our self-image and confidence.  The collaboration of health and beauty is important to our patients’ well-being, and we are happy to be a liaison between the two at The Smile Spa. So, to take care of your dental and cosmetic health in one convenient place, give us a call to schedule your first appointment today!


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